Do good music and move on from Eddy Kenzo – DJ Nimrod advises Big Eye

June 14, 2023

Galaxy FM radio presenter DJ Nimrod has advised singer Big Eye Starboss to move on from Eddy Kenzo and start doing good music.

Eddy Kenzo and Big Eye uses to be very close friends but all that came to an end.

Big Eye Starboss just out of the blue came out on social media and exposed Eddy Kenzo saying he is very selfish as he denied him some connections internationally.

He said when he asked for some phone numbers, he was blocked by the singer.

Since then, Big Eye has been attacks Eddy Kenzo although he hasn’t got any replies from him.

Recently when fans threw bottles at him during Alien Skin’s concert, he made a statement saying it is Eddy Kenzo that plotted everything including paying people to beat him up.

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According to DJ Nimrod, Big Eye needs to grow up and leave Eddy Kenzo alone. What fans want is good music not petty fights.

He said Eddy Kenzo is already doing good for himself and Big Eye might never get any response from him.

“I am now starting to think that Big Eye Starboss has nothing to do. I don’t think he should keep attacking Eddy Kenzo because he is not going to respond to him. He should do good music that’s what fans want,” DJ Nimrod said