BETRAYED FOR 1M: How A Family Member Separated Grenade From American Girlfriend

June 2, 2022
Grenade with American-Arab girlfriend, Kiloto

Grenade with American-Arab girlfriend, Kiloto

In April, singer and city smart wire, Deus Nduggwa aka Grenade was kicked out of the house by his American-Arab girlfriend named Kiloto.

She told Grenade never to step a foot in her gate again and even filed a case of Criminal Trespass and Threatening violence at Kajjansi Police Station.

Police reference

On Tuesday, ‘Nkuloga’ hitmaker was arrested as he entered Speke Resort Munyonyo and whisked to Kanjansi police station. Word has it that he ignored the police case and went to Kiloto’s home in Akright-Kakungulu Estate to apologise.

Grenade at Kajansi court

Speaking to the media, Kiloto revealed that she dumped Grenade after she found out he was practicing witchcraft. After ‘Nkuloga’ singer parted ways with the late AK47 window, Nalongo Naggie Kaweesi and landed Kiloto in June 2021, he never wanted to lose her.

Grenade’s ex-bae, kiloto with Kaiyz

In bid to make her his own, ‘Nkuloga’ singer visited a witchdoctor in Lyantonde and got Juju. Kiloto said Grenade would put some of the juju under her pillow.

As luck was on not on his side, one of his family members who escorted him to the witchdoctor, betrayed him and contacted Kiloto that he had evidence.

Grenade ex-girlfriend, Kiloto

Kiloto drove to Lyantonde and met Grenade’s family member at a certain petrol station. She paid him 1.5m and the guy told her everything the serial-eater has been doing to her and even gave her a video of Grenade in a shrine chilling with the Jajjas.

To confirm the truth, she found razor blade marks on his chest and ordered him to leave and never to return in her life.

Now we can authoritatively confirm that Grenade sang ‘Nkuloga’ song from his heart.

Watch video:

She says Grenade has her Apple Watch and need it.

As a Muslim, Kiloto says she forgave him and asked him to move on.

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