She Stalked Me, Paid For Hotel – Bruno aka King Speaks Out, Brands Tina A lier

June 1, 2022
Bruno Kyamukaaga aka King (L), Christine Asingwire (R)

Bruno Kyamukaaga aka King (L), Christine Asingwire (R)

Yesterday, social media was buzzing after Asingirwe Christine reached out to netizens to help her identify a guy she named as King, accusing him of robbing her.

Christine narrated that she met King at Sky Lounge and exchanged contacts. Over the weekend they arranged a formal and private meeting for lunch at Lishi Resort Hotel in Kisaasi.

Asingirwe Christine

When she excused herself to the loo, King picked her iPhone X Max, 100k from her bag and disappeared without paying the bill for stuff they had eaten.

As his picture circulated on social media., King who has been identified as Bruno Kyamukaaga, gave his side of the story. He told Red Pepper that Christine is a lier and revealed she had stalked him for a long time.

Bruno Kyamukaaga aka King
Bruno Kyamukaaga aka King


My name is KYAMUKAAGA BRUNO. aka King 

Tina did not meet me at sky Lounge as she claims. She got my number from Tinder and she texted me. For weeks I was ignoring her because when she sent me her pictures, she was not the kind of girl I like.

 But after like two weeks of constantly texting me I started to talk to her and she started to tell me how she doesn’t care if I liked her or not. She started confessing how she was madly in love with me and she could do anything just to be with me.

She told me she could even pay me just to spend a night with her and I laughed it off. But since she was serious about it she kept suggesting we meet and we have a night together.

Asingirwe Christine
Asingirwe Christine

She insisted and went to Lichi hotel in Kisaasi and paid (shs170k for each night) way before we even met. And then she sent me directions to the hotel and told me to go they will give me the key to the room. That Friday was the first time we were meeting me and Tina and it was not for a date but rather sex at Lichi hotel Kisasi. 

When I reached the reception they gave me keys to the room named LION on first floor on your left when entering.

That picture of the CCTV was me arriving at the hotel not leaving the hotel as she alleges I left the hotel wearing shorts not pants.

So I waited in the room from around 5 to 9pm when she come and brought me a bugger for dinner . She told me she was nervous so she needed to go out to first get drunk and smock weed. 

We took an HIV TEST. And had sex later on. 

On Saturday morning we woke up went down stairs for breakfast and she left me having breakfast as talked to the receptionist and paid for the 2nd night.

She rushed to go meet her sister at the shop and left me having breakfast . Later at around 1pm she calls me and tells me to go to munyonyo and keep her company because she was at the shop lonely.

I went to munyonyo and we spent the day there. As she kept receiving calls from some people demanding her money. She tried to borrow from the sisters but all in vein she then turned to me and told her to lend her 100k and I told her I don’t have money to lend her.

She got mood swings from that time till we left at around 4:30. We went back to the hotel room and she was still moody so I tried to sing for her and cheer her up.

 Bruno already in Lion Room at Lichi Hotel waiting for Tina
 Bruno already in Lion Room at Lichi Hotel waiting for Tina

Then she asked for my Snapchat and checked my stories. And she got pissed again that I was with other girls and not her and she told me to delete my memories on Snapchat coz she wants to be the only one in my phone. When I refused she got so mad and pushed me away. Covered herself in bed and started to drink UG while she watched tik tok videos on her phone. I told her that since we not talking and you don’t want me to touch you I’m living. She kept quiet continued to drink while watching videos. I showered put on black shorts and black snickers and denim jacket and I packed my clothes in my bag and I left her in bed on her phone and I told her bye. She told me only one word. YOU WILL LOOK FOR ME .I didn’t care so I left at around 8pm to go to alchemist and watch the champions league final.  Then after the game I went home and slept.

 In the morning of Tuesday I started getting information that they are looking for me I stole a phone and all that. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE 

NOTE: She claims I stole her iPhone XMax but there is no such a phone called iPhone X Ma.