BAMULIDE! Pastor Rossy Guzmán Mazongoto Skills Send Netizens In Early Valentines Mood | VIDEO

February 9, 2023
Pastor Rossy Guzman

Pastor Rossy Guzman

Pastor Rossy Guzman has sent netizens in early Valentines mood after dropping massive clip displaying crazy Mazongoto skills.

Pastor Rossy Guzmán from Dominican Republic who is known for preaching gospel, shocked netizens to know that she is not only good at preaching but Mazongoto too.

Pastor Rossy Guzman

Her skills are beyond extra ordinary and one might conclude that she was a former pro kaboozi vender.


Pastor Rossy Guzmán is currently being sued as a result of her son’s involvement in the ‘Coral Case’.

The ‘Coral Case’ is a corruption network, according to information released by the neighborhood press, in which Pastor Rossy, her son Tanner Flete Guzmán, and another member of her congregation used Shalom (her temple) to hide assets from 2015 to 2018.

This year, started on a slow note but netizens are expecting more action as events unfolds.