Cephco Tears Ex-Lover Jowie In A Komanyoko Rant, Spilling Dirty Secrets | VIDEO

February 9, 2023
Cephco and Jowie

Cephco and Jowie

TikToker, Ismael Sefuko aka Cephco has blasted former lover, Jowie in a Komanyoko rant leaving his followers in utter shock.

Cephco who made himself a name in abusing celebs on TikTok, started dating Jowie last year. Before Jowie, cephco had Yvonne Nakankaka.

Yvonne Kankaka (L), Cephco (M) Jowie (R)

After his release from jail, at one point Jowie and Nakankaka fought for Cephco and the TikToker had no choice but to move in with both.

When Cephco was re-arrested and remanded to Luzira, Jowie and Nakankaka left for good and even relocated abroad.

Recently, Jowie started badmouthing Cephco which annoyed the TikToker and returned fire.

According to Cephco, Jowie should thank him for saving her from the streets than badmouthing him.


Cephco said that he found Jowie with halitosis and taught her how to brush her teeth.

The controversial Tiktoker made claims that Yiga Sharif used to hawk Jowie at Power King every Friday and saved her from suffering.

He also blasted her that her dad is poor and currently doing welding in Kisenyi. He also made claims that Jowie’s mum stole his money when she visited his apartment.

Cephco went further and revealed that Jowie aborted his pregnancy at her mum’s shrine.

He also made claims that most guys on Salaama Road, Boda Boda guys, Tom dee, Yiga Sharif viewed Jowie’s eclipse.