She Is Sweet And Likes Lwasa’s Style: Suudiman Spills Secrets On How he Used To Eat Fifi Da Queen

February 9, 2023
Suudiman (L) Fifi Da Queen (R)

Suudiman (L) Fifi Da Queen (R)

Faded promoter, Suudiman Lukwago has reignited war with Fifi Da Queen by spilling secrets on how he used to munch her, branding her the sweetest.

Suudiman who ran broke and fled to the US, claims he was Fifi Da Queen’s first love and that he deserves credit for transforming her life.

He shared Fifi’s old photos and bragged that he he deserves gold medal for changing her life.

Suudiman shared Fifi Da Queen’s old picture showing transformation

The faded promoter went further and spilled bedroom secrets by revealing that Fifi is so clean and likes Lwasa’s style.

“She is super clean. I used to go Lwasa style and she always loved it”, Suudiman posted.

Suudiman says Fifi likes Lwasa’s style

Suudiman made claims that he was Fifi Da Queen’s first love, disclosing that she is sweet.

We can’t tell why Suudiman decided to go hard on Fifi by spilling the past secrets, something must not be right. He went an extra mile and branded her husband, a body guard.

I am buying one Gwanga Mujje VVIP table for my Queen and her Bodyguard. Bye Bye New York, I am on the way to Uganda now. I will arrive on Friday at 2 PM on flight number 729.


Suudiman used to be a big music promoter and he was behind Henry Tigan’s music success, Later he started fading.

The last time he appeared in news, he was embroiled in family land wrangles, trying to chase his mother from the house.