The House Is Not His: Suudiman Exposes Omutujju, Reveals The Real Owner

March 2, 2023
Gravity Omutujju

Gravity Omutujju

Events promoter, Suudiman Lukwago has exposed rapper, Gereson Wabuyi aka Gravity Omutujju branding him a liar.

After losing the battle against Jose Chameleone, Gravity wanted to divert netizens who had started trolling him and showed off a 3-storey mansion under construction.

He aimed a dig at artists who show off awards and told them that the house is the the real award/achievement.

This is the real music achievements/awards, soon am finishing my dream house  my mansion.

Thank you lord, Thank you my fans, Thank you everyone who believes in me.

2023 let’s hustle again #mukamaakola

Gravity Omutujju

Still boasting about the mansion, Suudiman, the events manager and former manager to Henry Tigan, recorded a video and exposed ‘Jenje Mukituli’ singer.


According to Suudiman, the 3-storey mansion Gravity Omutujju showed off belongs to Frank Jah, the videographer and CEO, JahLive studios located on Salaama Road.

Frank Jah

Suudiman says he knows the house well and it is situated on Kanaaba Hill near where his bosses own properties.

After being exposed, Gravity said he was inspired by Frank Jah to build his mansion and that Frank Jah built the house similar to his.

Unlike other artists, Gravity has been investing his hard earned money wisely.

In August 2020, he upgraded from a Toyota Prado TX to a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 registration No. UBB 681A.

In February 2021, during Covid 19 lockdown, Gravity showed off his fully furnished home located in Buziga and bragged. However, some critics made claims that he got money from NRM.

on February 27, Gravity showed off a 3-storey mansion located in Kanaaba with Lake Victoria view and bragged.

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