Lwasa Wanted To Eat Me For Just 150k – Bad Black Exposes Tycoon, Shares Proof

Lwasa and Bad Black

Lwasa and Bad Black

Last weekend, netizens were left disappointed after a video showing tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi’s tiny carrot made rounds online.

It generated a lot of debate and among was the renowned ‘punani’ vendor, Bad Black aka Masolo Queen. She bashed the tycoon and backed Diana Nabatanzi’s decision to dump the money bags.

She taunted Lwasa by saying that even if he gives her money, she wouldn’t allow him to eat her.

Bad Black

While in an interview, Lwasa hit back at the Masolo Queen and said he can’t even think of her because she has no beef behind.

In retaliation, the Masolo Queen decided to expose the tycoon and revealed that he wanted to eat her in February.

In a Facebook post, Bad Black says Lwasa sent her 150k and promised to give her another to 20m but disappeared in thin air. She shared screenshots of Mobile Money messages from Lwasa.


Dear Emmanuel lwasa oyagala nyo attention kagikuwe this time i have prove. Tolimba bantu wansaba akasolo mu Feb 2021 naye wali mwavu nyo u did a deposit ya mitwalo kumi netaano(150,000k)i still hv all ur records bambi safuka victim wa pimple thank God neyo eziiku gyotabuza. I waited for 20million tewalabikako. Gyakuyiwamu live mbwa gwe. I kept everything like secret naye komanyidde. I will be back

Bad Black
Bad Black’s screenshot showing Lwasa’s transaction

Lwasa has been trying to defend himself claiming he wasn’t the one in the videos. He even hired Kato Lubwama to do his PR.

But his woes seem far from over as CID spokesperson revealed that they opened a case against the tycoon and should they find that he leaked those videos, he will face courts of law.