How Opportunist Abtex Organised Alien Skin’s Concert | Pallaso Aims Dig At Events Promoter

June 6, 2023
Pallaso (L) Alien Skin (R)

Pallaso (L) Alien Skin (R)

Pallaso is not happy with events promoter, Abbey Musinguzi aka Abtex for organising Alien Skin’s ‘Sitya Danger’ concert on the same date as his Love Fest Concert.

The ‘Malamu’ singer started advertising Love Fest Concert to take place at Cricket Oval on Saturday, June 9 at the beginning of this year.


After thumping Alien Skin, media switched attention and started interviewing ‘Alien’Sitya Danger’ hitmaker. Alien had always talked about holding ‘Nkwacho’ Festival but never concluded on the date.

With experience in organising events, Abtex seized the opportunity and held talks with Alien Skin to stage his maiden concert.


With the support of the Ghetto community, Alien started hyping the show and he is the talk of the town.

Yesterday, Alien held a press conference confirming the show at Freedom City on Saturday, June 9th.

Alien Skin at the press conference yesterday

In an interview with Pallaso, he said he doesn’t have any problem with Abtex and invited him to pass by his concert at Cricket Oval.

Pallaso also aimed a dig at Abtex that he has never saw him without a hat and that he would love to see his bare nut.