Arthur Kayima Sting Hypocrite Babes Bombarding His Inbox Asking For Some | VIDEO

October 12, 2022
Arthur Kayima

Arthur Kayima

TikToker, Arthur Kayima took a swipe at hypocrite babes who sting him on social media but end up in his inbox asking him for some.

Kayima who is still in Uganda enjoying his vacation after he returned from Saudi Arabia where he works as a waiter, has been on the receiving end for his womanly character.

He breached, applies makeup and lipstick and acts like a woman. Some critics say some kisiyaga boys must have opened his boot.

But the time he has been in Uganda, we was partying with UK-based singer, Lyton Namubiru before she travelled back.

Lyton Namubiru and Arthur Kayima

Due to his character, some of his followers have been attacking him and he is shocked that the same people slide in his inbox asking him for some before he travels back to Saudi Arabia.

Stingy Kayima in his Facebook Live broadcast told off hypocrites that they should leave him, insisting that he won’t give them a thing.

Before flying to Saudi Arabia, Kayima was working for a certain hotel in Lubowa. After losing his job, he applied for an airline job but failed interviews because of his physical ability.

After a long hustle, he decided to fly for Kyeyo and he is working in one of the Saudi Arabian 5-star hotels as a waiter.

Arthur Kayima doing his thing on Facebook

Arthur Kayima has a boy he fathered with former girlfriend.

Previously, he was dark but decided to breach and he is proud of his skin transformation.

He has a big following on Facebook; and TikTok; thanks to his comical talks.