Is Lord Sanny and Winnie Nwagi in love? Here is the truth

November 22, 2023

There is an upcoming singer known as Lord Sanny who has been very close to Swangz Avenue Winnie Nwagi.

Rumour has it that the two might be dating and want to team up to take their music careers to the next level.

Winnie Nwagi is commonly known as the lady who doesn’t joke when it comes to her career and relationships.

She has slapped different people that try to do somethings to her that she doesn’t like. At the same time she has been seen abusing fans and people that do bad things to her.

Two years ago it was said that Winnie Nwagi was in love with fellow singer Chozen Blood but along the way the singer welcomed a child with another lady.

Now it is said that Winnie Nwagi is in love with some upcoming artiste known as Lord Sanny as the two have been seen hanging around each other which is not common.

Swangz Avenue reportedly ready to dump Winnie Nwagi, here are the reasons why

According to Lord Sanny it is not true that he is dating Winnie Nwagi and he wants to have a successful career without riding on the success of Winnie Nwagi.

He said he is an independent musicians and with Winnie Nwagi they are just friends nothing else to that.

“I am not dating Winnie Nwagi and never have i ever dated her. Some people are saying I am riding my career on Winnie Nwagi but I am an independent artiste who will be successful on my own,” Lord Sanny said