Bruno K reveals how his love for ladies sabotaged his dream job

December 2, 2023
Bruno K

Bruno K

Singer Bruno K original names Bruno Kigundu has revealed how his love for ladies and their bodies sabotaged his dream job.

He said he has always wanted to become a Catholic church priest but that couldn’t happen because of his decisions.

Bruno K is one of the Ugandan musicians that is so much into women. So far he has four children with four different baby mamas.

All these ladies have exposed him except the mother of his first child Briella Kiggundu who died when she was still one year old.

Bruno K has been getting these ladies pregnant and running away from them immediately.

At first Bruno K even denied being a father of one of his children a son he has with Vanessa but later a DNA was done and it was proved he is the biological father.

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Although Bruno K hasn’t been coming out to talk about anything the baby mamas have posted on social, he revealed he had another dream.

The singer said if they were not the early desires of the worldly life like women he would be a priest by now.

“When I was young, nali njagala kuba faza wa keleziya Naye ensi yampugula,’ Bruno K posted