Alien Skin trashes journalists over his London story interview fee

July 1, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Up and about singer Alien Skin has trashed journalists over his London story interview that he is charging UGX5 Millions for.

Trending Alien Skin had his first ever flight to London to perform at purple party. Throughout his trip, he was very excited like any other person traveling for the first time.

He shared a few clips of his moments on social media and fans were eagerly waiting for the whole story about his journey.

However, Alien Skin wasn’t having it because on returning to the country, fans and journalists were waiting for him at the airport but he refused to talk to them.

He revealed that anyone wanting his interview should pay for it atleast UGX5 Millions.

Journalists were not happy about it as they called out Alien Skin saying he shouldn’t be disrespecting them because they are the ones that made him.

According to Alien Skin, he is not surprised that journalists are saying whatever they have to say.

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He said those are the same journalists who said he will not make it in the music industry yet he is still standing and serving his fans good music.

“Journalists who backlash against my Music and gave me a precise period in the music Industry! back in the days are the same journalists who condemned the issue of selling my London story interview 5M,” Alien Skin revealed