Alien Skin narrates how Sanyuka television wanted to apologize to him

August 19, 2023

Musicians Alien Skin of Fangon forest has narrated how a whole media house Sanyuka television went to him to apologize.

This happened after he refused all their interviews just because they spoke bad about him at the beginning of his music career.

Alien Skin started trending more when fellow singer Pallaso slapped him across the face.

Before that, he was very okay with Sanyuka television and he even went their for some interviews. After knowing that they are not supporting him, he cut off the connection.

He started speaking to individuals from the station like MC Kats, Douglas Lwanga on matters that don’t concern the station.

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When he went to UK, on coming back br told Sanyuka television that he will be selling his interview to them for some millions of money.

There has been a miscommunication for some time and yesterday he revealed that they wanted to apologise at some point but he refused.

He said he doesn’t understand the reason why they are apologizing and he will never be interviewed by them at any point in his life.

“ Sanyuka TV reached out to me to forgive them for the negative energy they had showed me at the beginning of my music career, this television station was dying to have an interview with me, something i didn’t accept,” Sanyuka television