Precious Remmie exposes Grace Khan begging skills

August 18, 2023

Actress and media personality Precious Remmie also known as Ray P has exposed singer Grace Khan begging skills.

She said the singer likes to beg and ask for help but she doesn’t listen to advise given to her people she usually runs to for help.

When Grace Khan gave birth and her baby’s daddy denied the pregnancy, so many people felt pity for her.

Some decided to offer help financially and emotionally during the period where she needed her baby daddy to be available.

After one and half years, Prince Omar showed up in Grace Khan’s life again she she ended up forgetting about the people that used to help her.

Now that Prince Omar disappeared again, Grace Khan is desperately trying to bring him back but she is failing.

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Now Precious Remmie is telling her to stop forcing the man into her life because she is looking very silly.

According to Precious Remmie, Grace Khan is making Prince Omar annoyed because of what she said about him.

“Grace Khan, njagala nnyo okukuyamba naye towuliriza bulijjo nkugamba ove mu kamera, tosobola kukaka muntu kukola kintu buli lw’omukaka oba omwoyongera busungu bwe,”. Ray P said

It should be noted that Grace Khan said she is deeply in love with Prince Omar and no one is going to take away the love from her.