Have you watched it? Here is the Nampeera trending Kwepicha video

August 28, 2023

There is a trending video on social media of alleged DJ Roja’s sister Christine Nampeera with her boyfriend

She was recorded in a publicly toilet having fun by unknown person in the next toilet that probably heard them.

The face of the people in the video isn’t clear, it is not known if truly she is the lady they are talking about or another person.

The video has got released few days after the videos of famous media personality Sheilah Gashumba’s videos also got released.

It is not clear about the person that usually releases these videos. In just a moment they are trending on social media by someone that is not knowing.

Here is the video; THE VIDEO

It should be noted that DJ Roja and Nampeera haven’t commented about the trending videos.

They haven’t accepted nor denied knowing the person in the videos.