Frank Gashumba reveals Sheilah Gashumba was spoilt by her mother

August 29, 2023

Social and political analyst Frank Gashumba has blamed daughter Sheilah Gashumba’s bad behavior on her mother.

He said he tried his level best to bring up Sheilah in a good way but her mother was always in her ears doing the opposite of what he wanted.

Frank Gashumba has only one child who is Sheilah Gashumba, he has always bragged about bringing her up as a single father in the best way.

Not until Sheilah got old and started proving otherwise in the showbiz that she is actually operating in.

At first it was Sheilah Gashumba’s relationship that started to ring alarm bells. She was being harrassed by ex boyfriend Gods Plan and her current one Rickman I’d also not liked by Frank Gashumba.

Recently Sheilah Gashumba was exposed when her videos with boyfriend Rickman Manrick.

They were in their privacy by someone found a way and posted those videos on social.

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As a father, Frank Gashumba was embarrassed and he shifted all the blame from himself to Sheilah Gashumba’s mother who is not even known in the showbiz industry.

“I have tried so much to bring up Sheilah Gashumba in the best way I can but her mother has done the opposite. She got her first tattoo with her mother in South Africa,” Frank Gashumba said.

Here is the video;