You did bad to stop Pallaso from going to London – Madrat to Alien Skin

June 26, 2023
L-R: Pallaso, Alien Skin, Jose Chameleone

L-R: Pallaso, Alien Skin, Jose Chameleone

Stand-Up comedian Madrat of the popular duo Madrat and Chiko has revealed that upcoming singer Alien Skin didn’t do the right thing to stop Pallaso from going to London.

Pallaso and Alien Skin were both supposed to go and perform in London at purple party show.

Unfortunately the two got into a fight before the show which set them apart. After being slapped, Alien Skin swore to never share a stage with Pallaso and they comprised of purple party show that they had booked them earlier.

Although Alien Skin first refused to go forcing Pallaso to step up and let him go, some people like Madrat were not happy with Alien Skin.

According to Madtay it wasn’t a polite act for singer Alien Skin to set tough conditions for London promoters to drop Pallaso from traveling and performing with him on the same stage.

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Madrat said Alien Skin’s act would have at least acted politely and buried their misunderstandings just to get the job done.

“Different musicians in Uganda get misunderstandings but I can’t support what Alien Skin did to Pallaso. This music industry is business and if Alien Skin can’t do certain things in order to punish a fellow singer it is unfair,” Madrat said