Zari reveals why her marriage with Shakib has worked

October 27, 2023
Zari and Shakib

Zari and Shakib

Socialite and successful business woman Zari the bosslady has revealed reasons why her marriage with Shakib has worked out.

She said she is very submissive and she gives most of her time to her husband and the children at home.

Zari is abit older than her husband Shakib and even has more money than him. When they started dating, people were calling them out saying he is using her for money.

But Shakib took the right step to marry Zari secretly and they did their public wedding in early October 2023.

Zari having so much money than the boyfriend, people have been wondering how she has managed to keep the marriage.

According to beautiful Zari, she is a submissive woman when it comes to her marriage. The marriage and celebrity life ends outside the house.

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She said she however doesn’t disregard herself and her life style. But her marriage and children take so much of her time.

“In my relationship, I am submissive towards my husband, dedicating about 90% of my time to being a home wife . However, I also reserve a 10% portion for asserting my own autonomy and taking charge as the ‘boss lady’.” Zari the bosslady.

It should be noted that Zari and Shakib are also in talks of welcoming a child together who will be Zari’s sixth child and Shakib’s second child.