Do you agree with her? Keko blames her failed music career on Alcohol and drugs

October 27, 2023

Rapper and singer Keko is on her knees begging Ugandans to give her a second chance in her music career.

She said all the fail is because of alcohol and drugs she involved herself in years back and her move to Canada.

Keko has been in Canada for six years. She went to further her studies but reached their and started working at the same time.

By the time she left she was a big star in the music industry and was on top of her game. With the concertration on studies and work she faded away.

The last time the singer made a public appearance, she was so drunk, high with drugs and live on her tiktok account.

Keko returned to the country last month, she has been using every opportunity to get back on track.

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She has begged Ugandans to give her a second chance saying alcohol and drugs almost took her life when she didn’t even understand.

“I am back and I hope my fans are ready for me. I want Ugandans to give me a second chance I am already to bring on new vibes. The problem came in when I took in so much alcohol and drugs,” Keko said