Zari Returns To South Africa, Praises Diamond Patnumz

November 16, 2020
Diamond Platnumz, Zari

Routine Blast - Diamond Platnumz, Zari with kids; Tiffah and Nillan

Zari Hassan and her children Tiffah and Nilan have been in Tanzania for a week now where they went to visit Diamond Platnumz, the father of the children.

They left for South Africa – their home – yesterday and Zari said it was a great moment seeing the kids and their father bond after two years of being separated.

Speaking to Wasafi TV, Zari opened up on a lot. Seated next to Tiffah and Nilan, she said,

“It has been great having the children get to interact with their father. They had not seen him for two years and it was a great moment for us. That reunion was so good because they remembered him.”

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Asked on what happened for her to come into agreement and for the children to even come to Tanzania, she said she just wanted to let go of the past.

Diamond at the airport after welcoming Zari and his kids

“I do not know really. I just never want to go back there. So many things come our way but I am at a point where we are moving forwards. Meaning now he is back in his kid’s life. He just sent me a message and we started talking. He wanted to come to South Africa then the lockdown happened and then when the flights were open, it was campaign time so he couldn’t come and he wanted the kids to come and I was okay with that. So what happened then what transpired then, it doesn’t matter now,. I am just happy they have their father in their lives and that is what matters.” Zari shared.

The past week has been the happiest we have seen Diamond and his family in a long time. And just like Zari said, we are happy the children have their father back into their lives.