Tiffah Refuses To Sleep, Cries As She Demands To Talk To Her Dad, Diamond Platnumz A Day After Returning Back To South Africa | VIDEO

Diamond Platnumz aand her first child, Tiffah Dangote share a strong bond!

Zari had to spend the whole night awake as daughter Tiffah Dangote cried, refused to sleep demanding to talk to her dad, Diamond Platnumz a dady after returning back to South Africa.

Tiffah and her young brother, Nillan had spent seven satisfying days by their father’s side and got used to the idea of having both of their parents around.

A day after jetting back to South Africa, Tiffah Dangote, the singer’s first child balled her eyes out as she waited for her dad to call.

She refused to go to sleep in the dead of the night and sat on her mother’s bed as she waited to see Diamond’s face.

Diamond with daughter, Tiffah

The emotional kid begged her mum to hit up her father and skeptically said she knew Diamond would not contact her.

“He is not going to call, mum I know he will not call,” Zari Hassan’s daughter cried out.

The Ugandan socialite sent the heartbreaking videos to Mama Dangote who in turn got carried away by sadness.

She could not stand to see her grandchild wailing as she struggled with the distance between her and her father.

The sassy grandma posted the clips on Instagram and explained how the separation had taken a toll on Diamond’s children.

Click on the link to watch video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHoM5uFh3w8/