Thieves Rob Bad Black, Left In Tears

November 16, 2020
Bad Black

Bad Black

Ex-con and certified ‘kandahar’ vendor, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is still in tears after losing her iPhone 12 to a thief yesterday.

A thief targeted Bad Black and snatched her phone through a car window while in jam in Bunga, Ggaba road as she scrolled through her messages.

The ‘Masolo’ queen who was in company of her mugged toy boy, Asha tried to chase the thief in vain.

Bad Black then quickly ran to Bunga Police and reported the case. She then posted on Snapchat (with her other phone) and alerted her fans about the incident.

To avoid her nudes leaking online, Bad Black immediately locked her stolen phone.

iPhone 12 costs around 3.7m.

Bad Black is not the first victim of jam robbery, Sheilah Gashumba almost lost her phone while in jam on Kampala Road but luckily enough the phone was plugged in a charger.