Zari Madly In Love With Grenade, Films Herself Miming His Songs – WATCH VIDEO

March 20, 2020

Grenade kissing Zari

Zari is madly in love with Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade!

Grenade, known for chewing socialites has been closing in on Zari and seems he is winning the battle.

Zari, a mother of five is known for attracting young lads who fall for her beauty, money and fame; boasting of 7.3m Instagram followers.

Zari hanging out with Grenade

Diamond Platnumz, Anthony Faroue aka King Bae, Isaac Lugudde aka LK4 fell victims to brown-thighed lady.

Now, a 21 year old, Grenade is now in the mix having found Zari single after partying ways with King bae.

And we can authoritatively say sooner or later, ‘Nkuloga’ singer will be swimming in her ‘thighland’. The chemistry between the pair says it all and Zari of late has been mastering all Grenade’s songs.

Watch Zari sing Grenade’s ‘Wali User’ below: