Unlucky Lil Pazo Cries Helpless As His Car Burns Into Ashes Looking On – WATCH VIDEO

March 21, 2020

Singer, Yasin Mukasa aka Lil Pazo Lunabe achieved his dream of buying a car when he sang ‘Genda Ogule Emotoka’.

But bad luck struck last night after his car burnt into ashes as they approached Ssaza on Masaka Road.

Lil Pazo and friends were heading to Ibanda district for burial when his car heated up and bursted into flames.

Pazo who has just released brand new song ‘Jukira’ featuring Pallaso filmed himself looking on helpless as the car burnt into ashes.

He appealed to Ugandans to sympathize with him.

Lil Pazzo’s car burning into ashes

Click on the link to watch video:


Watch Lil Pazo’s car after burning beyond repair below: