Zari Insists On Bobi’s Credentials, Speaks Out On Choppa

February 25, 2022


South African-based Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan is in the country and this time for Pearl of Africa Hotel Pool Party slated for this weekend.

Looking hot like never before, the Boss Lady still demands answers from Bobi WIne whether he has credentials to succeed president Museveni as the next president of Uganda.

Bobi Wine

In 2020, Zari found herself in trouble when she asked whether Bobi Wine has what it takes the lead the country. People Power diehards rained on her with abuses and told her to stick to what she knows best – changing men like clothes.

Today when asked about Bobi Wine, she told journalists that she was asking on behalf of many Ugandans and still wants Bobi Wine to respond to her question.

She revealed that Bobi Wine’s failure to answer a simple question left her with many doubts as to whether he is tolerant and can lead this country.

On her new catch, GK Choppa, Zari revealed that the guy is from South Africa and has been benching her for three years. She decided to give him a chance and they are now dating.

She revealed that she dumped the Nigerian lover, Dark Stallion because the relationship did not work out.

King GK a.k.a GK Choppa with Zari

The Boss Lady is known for ignoring slay queens who attack her and she retaliated that some start wars in order to get response from her and be known. She reminded journalists that there is only one Zari and no body will ever come close.

Watch interview below:

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