AMULIDDE! GK Choppa Confirms He Is Chewing Zari | PHOTOS

February 19, 2022
GK Choppa and Zari

GK Choppa and Zari

It’s no longer a secret! South African money bags King GK a.k.a GK Choppa is now eating Ugandan socialite, Zari into cabbage.

At the end of January, photos of Zari with Choppa leaked on social media. The Loss lady flew from Pretoria where she stays to meet Choppa in Durban.

They had dinner together and one would see chemistry on their first date.

Choppa and Zari having dinner

Zari did not post photos but showy GK Choppa who wanted to prove a point, posted on his Instagram page.

As word made rounds, Zari came out and insisted Choppa was just a friend but photos and videos showed a different picture to netizens.

Since their first date, the pair have been so close and Choppa keep releasing photos having good time with the Boss Lady.

Yesterday, Choppa finally confirmed relationship with Zari by posting a photo swapping lips publicly. We can authoritatively Choppa has also joined the list of lucky men who have eaten Zari.

In July, Zari separated with Don Lyamzey aka Dark Stallion after the latter became too jealous as Diamond Platnumz frequently visited her Pretoria home in disguise to check on his kids.

A part from Dark Stallion, Zari has dated, her late hubby Don Ivan Ssemwanga, Diamond Platnumz, Farouk Sempala, Isaac Lugude, Williams Bugembe alias Boss Mutoto, King Bae, Rasta Rob MC, South African Actor and TV personality, Cedric Anthony Fourie aka King Bae among many others.

Welcome to the list Choppa.

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