Zari Advise To Young Ladies – Cheat And Change Your Lives

April 10, 2023


Zari Hassan, South African-based socialite has offered free words of wisdom to young ladies, advising them to cheat and change their lives for better.

Zari left netizens in shock by posting on her Instagram stories, which she said were random thoughts. The 43-year wealthy entrepreneur urged women to cheat on their partners for material things, including houses, cars and land.


She wrote in part: “If she tryna love you, let her. Not too many females are dating for love. Most females are dating for money.”

She added: “Baby girl if you get a chance to cheat for many, then please do it. These men are cheating for stupid things like brown thighs, tongue rings and big a**. Cheat for house, cheat for piece of land , cheat for your dream car. It is what it is.”

See Zari’s though in the photos below:

Zari is known for dating rich guys; her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga was rich and used to splash money in the name of showbiz.

After dumping Ivan, Zari started dating Tanzanian crooner, Diamond Platnumz in 2015. The pair have two children together.

The Bosslady is talking from experience, most of the guys she has dated are financially well off and she has reaped big.

After gathering all the riches from wealthy boyfriends, Zari is currently she is dating a toy boy, Shakib Cham, funding his lifestyle.

The Boss lady has dated as many guys as we can mention; Dark Stallion, the late hubby Don Ivan Ssemwanga, Diamond Platnumz, Farouk Sempala, Isaac Lugude, Williams Bugembe alias Boss Mutoto, Rasta Rob MC, South African Actor and TV personality, Cedric Anthony Fourie aka King Bae, GK Choppa among many others, and now Shakib Cham.

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