Chosen Becky Reportedly Pregnant, Set To Welcome 4th Child

May 29, 2024

Singer Chosen Becky real name Kwikiriza Rebecca is reportedly pregnant expecting 4th child with husband social media blogger Dictator Amir.

Chosen Becky claims she is 23 years of age as she got pregnant as a teenager while still in high school.

The father of her first child wasn’t involved in their lives to provide and look after the child that they had together.

Chosen Becky was lucky enough that he found a guy who loved him and didn’t care about her being a single mother.

Few months into the relationship Chosen Becky got pregnant expecting her second child.

Chosen Becky struggles with son Hrim as his health detoriates

Few months ago, the singer welcomed her theirs child and it now reported that she might be pregnant expecting the fourth child.

Previously Chosen Becky said that her and the husband love children and she would want them over more than five children.

She hasn’t said anything about being pregnant and we will keep you updated in case she says something about it.