You were right not to marry Rema – Tamale Mirundi to Eddy Kenzo

June 22, 2023

Politician and an analyst Tamale Mirundi has commended singer and now president of musicians under Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) Eddy Kenzo for not marrying Rema Namakula.

Rema and Eddy Kenzo share a daughter together that they had when they were still in a relationship.

But as we all know, Rema is a type of a lady that always talked about marriage and wanted to introduce a man to her parents in a beautiful introduction ceremony as part of respect.

Unfortunately with Eddy Kenzo she didn’t get that. The singer wasn’t ready to officially marry Rema off hence failing their relationship.

Rema moved on to another man who was ready to marry her leaving Eddy Kenzo crying like a baby.

Although Kenzo looked to be heartbroken, Tamale Mirundi said what he did was the right thing. A star never marries. If he had focused on marriage, he wouldn’t be where he is at the moment.

“A star cannot get married and I want to say Eddy Kenzo did the right thing to let his baby mama Rema go. If she wanted marriage then she was in a relationship with a wrong person. Lucky enough she got someone who is not a star and now she is a wife,” Tamale Mirundi said