Alien Skin on why he has snubbed London purple party show

June 22, 2023

Trending singer Alien Skin has refused to go to perform in London at a purple party show where he was booked months ago.

He called off his performance even after getting his visa and everything sorted for him to go.

This came after he had a fight with a fellow singer Pallaso who slapped him across the face. Both of them were booked for this show before fighting.

But after the fight, Alien Skin swore to never share a stage with Pallaso meaning even the booked shows before their fight are to be cancelled.

Fans thought it was a joke not until yesterday the day Alien Skin was supposed to fly along side other musicians.

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Instead of preparing for the journey, he was preparing for the interviews to tell his fans that he hasn’t been able to make it to London.

The only surprising thing was his reasons for not flying. According to Alien Skin, he told promoters long time that he will not manage to share a stage with Pallaso.

He said they choose between him and Pallaso but they couldn’t make that decision. Now he has decided to choose himself as he stays behind to run other shows.

“I told the Promoters in London to choose between me and Pallaso. I can nolonger perform on the same stage with him, they failed to choose one so I’ve decided to stay in Uganda – Alien Skin,” Alien Skin said.

He even talked about the payment saying he was being offered little money to perform in London.