You destroyed the music industry with politics – Eddy Kenzo attacks Bobi Wine

June 16, 2023

Eddy Kenzo real name Edirisa Musuuza the new president of musicians has attacked fellow singer and politician Bobi Wine on matters concerning the music industry.

He has accused Bobi Wine of destroying the music industry with his politics.

Bobi Wine joined politics in 2017 as the Member of Parliament and he proceeded to contest as the president of Uganda in 2021 general elections.

Government started seeing him as a threat and hence the whole music industry as they got to understand that anyone from their can be their big competitor.

But Bobi Wine too wasn’t very quiet although he rarely talked about fellow musicians. Different artistes took sides some supporting him and others the government yet bringing difficulties in the music industry.

Now that Eddy Kenzo has formed a federation to resolve issues in the music industry, Bobi Wine tried to trash them although Kenzo is not allowing it.

After his speech at Kato Lubwama’s burial calling musicians beggars, Eddy Kenzo through his social media has called out Bobi Wine.

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He said musicians are not beggars and Bobi Wine needs to focus on politics and leave music alone. After all he receives salary from the same government he abuses everyday.

“Wabula abafele muli bazibu😂😂😂
Abatuyita ba beggars, bafulumila Mu government budget every year, ate bafuna noomusaala monthly ela tebazigaanangako. Lwaki temuzigabila amalwaliro oba amasomero.
Enyindo bwojinyigiriza enyo‼
Banange mutuleke tulwanirire omulimu gwafe other wise tugenda yingira mu Politics’s wamwe direct.
Mutuleke tutereze music omulimu mwagwonoona because mwaguyingizaamu eby’obufuzi fenna tunalya ku Politics?
Mwe emisaala mujifuna mu government yeemu gyemuwoza nti mulwanyisa.
We are fighting for copyright and all rights for musicians ate mwe muwoza beggars, beggars how?
Enough is enough.,” Eddy Kenzo