Eddie Mutwe brands Ugandan musicians VIP beggars

June 16, 2023

National Unity Platform (NUP) president and singer Bobi Wine’s personal body guard Eddie Mutwe has branded Ugandan musicians VIP beggars.

He made the statement following his boss Bobi Wine’s speech he made at Kato Lubwama’s burial.

Bobi Wine called out musicians during the burial especially those under the new Federation known as Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

He said their motive is to get money from government which has turned them into beggars yet they are not supposed to be such kind of people.

Artistes under the federation called out Bobi Wine saying he is not supposed to call them beggars because they are fighting for thr copy rights of their work.

One of those people that called out Bobi Wine is Ykee Benda. And as a personal body guard, Eddie Mutwe took it upon himself to respond to Ykee Benda.


He said true artistes are beggars although they don’t do it directly. They are just VIP beggars which still keeps them as beggars.

“Ykee,You are one of the intelligent Artites of the young generation that we have today..U can’t be asking the world how beggars need lawyers!!…Even beggars are protected by laws!..so working with lawyers doesn’t change the fact that u are beggars,only that u are VIP beggars!!,” Eddie Mutwe