Why Don Solo Decided To Dump Zahara Totto, Audio Evidence Leak | LISTEN TO IT

August 11, 2020

Yesterday we told you how South Sudanese national, Tony Taban Suleman aka Don Solo publicly dumped Zahara Totto and told her to stop abusing his new bae, Queen Ann and move on.

Zahara Totto and Don Solo met early 2019 but their relationship collapsed towards December. Don Solo decided to replace her with a new bae and in retaliation, Zahara also started dating BetOn guru, Reuben.

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Followers started questioning what could have gone wrong as others started speculating that Zahara decided to dump Don Solo after gifting her a stolen BMW on her birthday.

Yesterday, we landed on the truth that Don Solo is the one who walked out of the relationship over Zahara’s intolerant behaviour.

From the leaked video, Don Solo is overheard telling Zahara that he is done and could could not tolerate her behaviour.

Don Solo with Zahara Totto

Don Solo says Totto insulted his mother and called her a bitch, pelted his friend, Pastor with stones.

Don Solo says the gate man also reached to an extent of asking him how he stays with such an indisciplined girlfriend. The neighbours had also started complaining about her behaviour.

Zahara said she didn’t know what she did because she was drunk.

Don Solo reminded Zahara that one time she told him that she can get a man anytime she wants and told her to call her men to come for her.

Zahara is heard pleading with Don Solo that she really loves him and not to leave her.

Don Solo told her she cannot force him to stay with her and had decided to move on.

Listen to the audio of Zahara Totto pleading with Don Solo below: