Writing hit songs is normal to me – Nince Henry brags about being the best song writer

May 29, 2023

Singer and songwriter Nince Henry has bragged about writing hot songs throughout his music career.

He said writing a hit song is very normal to him because he has been doing that for the past 13 years ever since he joined the music industry.

It is very rare in Ugandan music industry to find someone successful in both writing and singing. The one that writes isn’t the one that sings.

But for Nince Henry, it is very normal and okay. He has succeeded in both and he can’t even stop bragging about it.

According to Nince Henry, when he joined the music industry 13 years ago, he wrote his first ever song and it became a hit.

He said it even won an award in that same year something that is not easy to do. But because he is very intelligent, it was easier for him.

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Talented Nince Henry said some musicians have nothing to tell him because they have been struggling to make it to the top yet he has been in top ever since he joined the music industry.

“I’ve made music for 13 years now, writing hit songs is now normal. In 2010, I wrote my first song ‘omukwano gunyuma’, a song that was the best in the whole Uganda that year, it won PAM awards – Nince Henry