Ronald Mayinja Clarifies On Relocating To London | VIDEO

May 28, 2023
Ronald Mayinja

Ronald Mayinja

Band singer, Ronald Mayinja has clarified on rumours that he relocated to London after netizens started speculating online.

Mayinja who rose to fame in 2000s with songs such as Claire, Africa, among others, saw him flourish after joining hands with the likes of Geoffrey Lutaya, Mesach Semakula, Grace Sekamate, Catherine Kusasira, Seruga to form Eagles Production.

He made money and invested in Roma Motel which is situated along Entebbe Road. He also built a mansion and started other businesses.

His problems started when he joined politics. At first he joined NUP, ran to NRM, returned to NUP and later settled in NRM.

Ronald Mayinja with president Museveni

NUP fanatics started spreading propaganda, urging revelers to boycott his music shows. This affected his earning as music promoters never wanted to book him for shows – which are his major source of earnings.

He accumulated debts, borrowed money from a renowned money lender and put his as Roma Hotel as collateral security. Unfortunately, he lost the hotel.

When problems soured, his wife, Aisha and children, left him and settled in the UK.

Ronald Mayinja with wife, Aisha

This month, Mayinja also flew to the UK and word started spreading that he rented his house and decided to relocate to King Charles’ country.

However, Mayinja recorded a video and clarified that he did not relocate to the UK as people claim but rather, he went to check on his family and that he will be back soon.