Irene Ntale bitterly responds to Vinka

May 29, 2023

Irene Ntale, Vinka

Songstress Irene Ntale has responded to fellow singer and her former manager at Swangz Avenue Vinka.

She told her to never bite the hand that once fed her.

This came after Vinka did an interview with one of the television presenter s and YouTuber talking about her friendship with Irene Ntale.

This is because there has been a rumour for so many years surrounding the two musicians. Vinka was signed as a singer after Irene Ntale left and that left so many people talking.

Vinka gave her side of the story as she said she didn’t do anything wrong to Irene Ntale. She said the singer just left after shooting the video of the song they had done together.

She said she doesn’t know why Irene Ntale left and she would love to get answers from her one day because they were best friends and she left without telling her.

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It is not clear what angered Irene Ntale in an interview Vinka made. But she took it to her social media platforms to address her.

She said Vinka shouldn’t forget and bite the hand that once fed her because it is dangerous.

“Always remember not to bite the hand that once fed you. Wishing y’all a wonderful week ahead,”Irene Ntale said.

It should be noted that Irene Ntale has not yet come to give her side of the story.