Woman Nabs Bae Red-Handed Eating Sister, Teaches Them A Lesson | VIDEO

March 4, 2022
Woman nabs bae red-handed

Woman nabs bae red-handed

A man and woman believed to be from Latin America are nursing serious injuries after his bae found them on drilling mission and thumped them to pulp.

It is said that the woman left her sister home with her bae, only to return and found them in bedminton which angered her.

She called a friend, equipped themselves with disciplining sticks and beat them up to pulp.


In the video, a man tried to shield the woman but canes were too much to bear and she had to run away.

The guy endeavored canes until his bae got tired. He learnt a lesson that he will never forget.

Many people have been caught up in such scenarios but end up escaping the canes. This guy and was just unlucky because his bae first locked the room and prepared herself.

Sorry man!