Woman-Eater, Grenade Declares Himself Ready To Date Zari, Gives Reasons

March 15, 2020

Grenade kissing Zari

Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade Official at 22 years has made himself a name in taking off women’s undies!

He is allegedly to have feasted on a number of old women; Sue Ochola, Judith Heard, AK47’s widow Maggie Kaweesi among others.

It is also said that he chewed Sheila Gashumba according to her friend, Amanda.

Earlier this week, a video of a happy Grenade singing and kissing Zari was making rounds on social media.

According to people who know Grenade, they concluded that he must be already swimming in Zari’s warm ‘Thighland’.

During an interview with a local TV, Grenade said  Zari is a woman every man admires to love and share fluids with.

“I have no problem dating Zari, she is a woman of class. Every man admires to date Zari so i can’t rule it out that I can never fall in love with her though we are just friends,” he said.

Grenade also said he has no problem dating older women because they always  give him the best advise.

“By the way dating old women has no problem, they always give advise to me. Love does not ask why,”