Schemer, Hassan Ndugga Turns Back On NRM, Drops New Song Stinging President Museveni – LISTEN TO AUDIO

March 15, 2020

‘Kadongo Kamu’ singer, Hassan Ndugga has released a new song stinging president Museveni and asking him to retire!

Ndugga who had defected from ‘People Power’ to NRM, angrily quit after the mafias put him on the list to attended the NRM Delegates Conference at Namboole and later disappeared without giving him a coin.

A week after trying to secure his payment in vain, Ndugga denounced NRM and ran back to People Power.

But a section of ‘People Power’ diehards are still looking at him as a traitor.

In order to show them that he is back for good, he has dropped a song ‘Muzeeyi Wumula’.

Click on the link below to listen to the audio: