Hon Ssegirinya finally apologises to Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro

October 20, 2023

Kawempe North Member of parliament Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad has finally apologized to National Unity Platform (NUP) deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro.

This happened after Ssegirinya told Alex Waiswa to never appear on his burial once he dies because of the statement he made about him.

Ever since Ssegirinya was released from prison, he has been going through different sickness in his life.

He flew out to USA to get better treatment but some people of his political party NUP were not happy when he asked money for treatment.

Waiswa Mufumbiro himself said Hon Ssegirinya is actually not sick. He said this MP is just pretending and looking for sympathy from people.

Ssegirinya wasn’t happy himself and after getting discharged from the hospital, while at the airport he was able to make certain statements.

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One of those was to tell Alex Mufumbiro that he is not happy with him and he wouldn’t want him to come at his burial once he dies.

But after completely healing, Hon Ssegirinya and Waiswa Mufumbiro met with Bobi Wine and settled their issues with a big big hug.

According to Hon Ssegirinya, everything is now okay and ge is sorry for the words that he actually used.

“ I am very sorry for the words I used. Me and Alex Waiswa are now okay nothing bad between us,”– Hon Ssegirinya