Sasha Ferguson narrates how she has managed to sustain her marriage with Canary Mugume

October 21, 2023
Canary Mugume with wife, Sasha Ferguson

Canary Mugume with wife, Sasha Ferguson

Mrs. Sasha Mugume narrates how she has been able to maintain a sustainable marriage despite being married to a celebrity Canary Mugume.

Canary and the wife has a very big wedding last year. It happened after the two dates for more than 10 years.

They were highschool sweethearts who kept their relationship to themselves not until they decided to reveal it to the public and fans.

According to Sasha Ferguson, she has been a very laid back lady. When dating Canary Mugume, she knew there would be ladies that were admiring him.

Not to limit his chances, she stepped back and gave him a chance to explore and see if he can get genuine connections with other ladies.

But with all the love they had for each other, Canary Mugume didn’t take the chance, he just stayed true to himself and his lover.

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Sasha said he also doesn’t check the phone of Canary Mugume and that has helped them to build their marriage without anyone interfering.

“When I met Canary Mugume I didn’t know we would go this far. Things even became hard when he became a celebrity. I gave him an opportunity to explore and see if he can find another lady but he still came back to me,” Sasha Ferguson said