Fresh Daddy retires from the music industry

November 15, 2023
Fresh Daddy

Fresh Daddy

Contravertial forced singer Fresh Daddy real name Mutabazi Paul has officially retired from the music industry.

He said he has so much to do and no time for music like he used to have when the son joined the industry.

Fresh Daddy is a father to talented young artiste Fresh Kid. He started singing because his son was singing and making so much money from the music.

He also decided to venture into music with the help of Khalifa Aganaga as his official manager.

Although the partnership between Fresh Daddy and Aganaga didn’t take long, he continued to do music.

Unfortunately Fresh Daddy didn’t get more supporters hence slowing down singing and focusing on looking after his son Fresh Kid.

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In a recent interview, Fresh Daddy told the media that he has been so quiet thinking about his life and talent planning on what to do next.

But he realised that he is getting older and needs to venture in other things hence leaving the music industry for those that are already to take it forward.

“I know my fans and supporters will be sad but I would like to tell them that I am officially retiring from the music industry. I am ready to focus on other things as I push my son Fresh Kid forward,” Fresh Daddy said