Ugandan Artists Deserve Better, They’ve Been Robbed For A Longtime

May 24, 2023
Uganda Musicians Federation

Uganda Musicians Federation

On May 5, some artists teamed up and formed Uganda Musicians Federation following a year the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) failed to hold peaceful elections.

Under the federation, Eddy Kenzo has been appointed president, Sheebah Karungi, Pallaso, and Juliana Kanyomozi are the first, second and third vice presidents respectively. Bebe Cool is in charge of finance.

Secret meetings first sat and the Federation was announced out of the blue but looks organized than the previous associations.

Prime minister, Robinah Nabbanja met a section of Uganda Musicians Federation members and assured them that the government is committed to helping them.

Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja (Middle in Blue) with artists from Uganda Musicians Federation)

Over the years, Ugandan artists have been investing heavily in their projects but returns remain so poor. 90% of their earnings come from show bookings. Few have benefited from endorsements but, artists should be earning whether performing or not.

Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS) over the years has been collecting moneys from media houses and hangout places that play artists’ music but this money rarely reach potential beneficiaries.

Some websites upload and trade artists music without paying back artists.

Companies use music, images without artists’ consent and this is a result of lack of copyright law in Uganda.

Most artists have cried foul over the years, telecommunication companies use their sound for Call back Tunes, paying them peanuts.

Music consumers also illegally stream music without pay.

It’s a shame that you find a legendary artist, so poor and turned into a beggar yet his craft is out there benefiting parasites who did not invest a single coin.

Due to selfishness and lack of one voice has been a major problem in the Ugandan music industry. Those who are earning, despise others.

This time around, some artists have teamed up to put an end to suffering and want to see themselves earn whether performing or not.