Reasons why Evelyn Lagu’s request to be taken at National Theater was denied revealed

September 19, 2023

Singer Evelyn Lagu breathed her last yesterday morning as her children tried their best to take her to the hospital.

This happened after several years of fighting for her life with kidney problems and other diseases in her organs.

It has been very expensive although doctors were seeing a future in her saying she might live up to 15 years if she keeps on medication like she is always doing.

Throughout the sickness, Evelyn Lagu has been a fighter and promising people that were around her that she will be so much better.

The times she went down with the sickness, she made requests on how she wanted to be burried and she wanted everything to go on in her life.

One of the requests was to take her body at National Theater to be viewed by her fans and people that loved her as the last respect.

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Unfortunately that request hasn’t been granted as so many events are set to happen at the venue.

Some of them can’t be postponed and that is the reason she will remain at place and leave to be burried at her ancestoral home in Masaka.

“The body of the deceased Evelyn Lagu will not be taken to the National Theater. Instead, we will gather at her home in Bujjuko to collectively mourn. There are many events at National Theater and they can’t be postponed,” Phina Mugerwa said