Vinka speaks up about once getting depressed

April 15, 2024


During the famous Tusker Malt conversation series where she aired yesterday, Vinka stated that when she had just started singing, people made her look like she was the ugliest and least talented artist.

Vinka whose real name is Nakiyingi Veronica Lugya is a Ugandan Musical artist, dancer, singer and songwriter. She is signed under Swangz Avenue and Sony Music entertainment.

Being on of the best female artists in Uganda today, she was invited for a conversation at the Tusker Malt Conversation series.

Amidst her live performances on the show, she noted:

” People made me feel ugly, people made me feel like I’m nothing, people made me feel like I’m not talented, i even got depressed” Vinka stated with a slight smile on a face.

They don’t deserve my time – Vinka scoffs at haters of her song ‘Bailando’

She said that even though her colleagues at swangz Avenue had briefed her about the music industry and its downside, she couldn’t help but fall into a depression.

Vinka’s opening up shows us the consumers of music how much our words and criticisms can affect the musicians and artists.

It should however also be very important for artists and musicians to know that not everything said in media is truth about them.