Grace Khan Exposes Her Intimate Relationship With Jovan Luzinda 

April 15, 2024

Jovan Luzinda

Singer Grace Khan has exposed her intimate relationship with fellow singer Jovan Luzinda.

She said they are back to sleeping together as a couple despite having issues in the past and her having a child with another man.

Grace Khan has a two years old daughter with an upcoming singer Prince Omar.  The two had so much issues but finally came to an agreement of co parenting.

Like any other lady Grace Khan wants to be loved and that ended her up moving on to her ex boyfriend Jovan Luzinda.

In a leaked audio, Grace Khan said Jovan Luzinda has always been at her heart. Even when she was going through a lot he was their to help her.

She said during her rehabilitation, she made a call to him and he was ready to help her in everything that she needed and that is because of love.

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“Me and Jovan Luzinda are back together as a couple. We have been friends and I know we will forever be friends. I know I had my mistakes but the love will always be their for each other,”