Vinka Reveals Secret Behind Her Big Butt

April 22, 2022


Swangz Avenue songstress, Veronica Luggya aka Vinka joined the music industry looking like a tomboy and trolls would even call her a boy.

The ‘Chips Na Ketchup’ singer is not photogenic but when you meet her face to face, she looks hot and stunning.

After giving birth to a baby girl in January 2021, her body transformed and at one point while performing at a function, netizens realized her butt had become bigger.

Vinka performing

Streets started buzzing as some critics argue that she must have gone for gluteal augmentation – a procedure used to improve the volume, shape, and contour of the buttocks.

However, Vinka told fans at a recent concert that her bum is natural. After giving birth, he body changed and this forced her to join a gym. As a result, she gained curvy body.

With her new assets, she silenced her haters who used to call her ‘bro’.