Mesach Semakula Reveals Heart Breaking Reasons Why He Will Never Join Musicians Federation

July 10, 2024

Legendary singer Mesach Semakula has revealed heartbreaking reasons why he will never join the musicians federation.

He said he doesn’t hold anything against them but he still doesn’t agree with their ideas towards the music industry.

The musicians federation was formed last year by Eddy Kenzo. He surprised so many when he announced that he was the president of the federation and it is already registered.

He called upon different artistes to join him so that they can build the music industry without anyone having an upper hand.

In the beginning different people joined him but later some started to leave while the others stayed.

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For Mesach Semakula, he didn’t even go for the first time. He said he doesn’t see a reason to why he should join them.

Despite the federation saying they are fighting for the copy right law which benefits every artiste, it looks like many of them just want that but they don’t want to fight for it.

Legendary Mesach Semakula said he is going to support them from where he is and that is it.

“I have to inform you that I have no issues with the Uganda National Musicians Federation. What matters to me are the objectives towards the music industry. However, I person have no desire to join the Federation,” Mesach Semakula said