Vinka asks fans to stop comparing her with Irene Ntale

July 3, 2023

Swangz Avenue singer Vinka real name Veronica Nalujja has asked fans to stop comparing her with fellow singer Irene Ntale.

Irene Ntale was signed on to Swangz Avenue in 2016 and Vinka was assigned to be her manager under the record label.

The two worked together very well not until Vinka also decided to drop managing Irene Ntale and do music on her own.

When she did that, Irene Ntale wasn’t happy about it and as a solution she decided to quit Swangz Avenue and start her own thing.

It wasn’t an easy thing and decision to make because she lost almost everything with her YouTube channel inclusive.

When Irene Ntale left, Vinka was signed she that caused a rift between themselves and the friendship they had.

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Ever since then, people have been comparing Vinka to Irene Ntale and she doesn’t like it.

She said Ntale is a vacalist and she plays guitar at the same time. So there is no comparison between them and people should know that.

“Irene ntale is a vocalist and a guitarist, I can’t sing like her. I wish fans would understand that and stop comparing us because we are very different” – Vinka